Saturday, August 29, 2009

Precious Development @ 3- 4 years…

A friend of mine told that her paed said “ her son development is fall under average”. This makes me wonder of our child dev elopement also. I do a little surf and find these..

Ages & Stages – 3 to 4 years

Between 3 and 4 years your child is learning to:

• Understand most of what is being said
• Speak in sentences that are longer and more complex, although some errors in sounds still occur
• Ask lots of questions starting with ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘who’
• Balance on one leg for a few seconds
• Ride a trike well and steer around corners
• Climb ladders, trees and outdoor play equipment
• Catch a ball with outstretched arms
• Throw a ball with aim and begin to use a bat
• Go up stairs one foot on each step
• Push and pull large toys and easily steer them around furniture
• Copy a circle and imitate a cross
• Hold a crayon with an ‘adult like grasp’
• Know the names of some colours
• Become more cooperative and being to share
• Go to the toilet by themselves, although may need some assistance and may still have accidents in the night
• Cut with scissors
• Put on a t-shirt and shorts
• Enjoy make believe play which links a number of ideas into a sequence, eg making a cake

You can help your child develop by:
• Encouraging outdoor play
• Going to different places eg park, beach, wildlife park, museum, playgroup, public swimming pool, library, shops. This will give them more experiences and help them to learn.
• Being creative in setting up play activities eg painting, music and construction
• Involving them in your everyday activities, giving them simple helping tasks that they can achieve. This will build their self-esteem
• Being interested in their questions and conversations and taking time to reply
• Showing enjoyment in their discoveries and success

Play Ideas:
• Trampoline
• Matching games
• Obstacle courses
• Swings
• Playground equipment
• Planks, low fences to walk along
• Doll house
• Sorting games
• Construction toys, building blocks
• Plastic tea sets
• Puzzles 3-4 pieces
• Tricycle
• Cooking equipment
• Music and movement games
• light bats with large balls
• sports, dancing, calisthenics / gymnastics

What is special about this age?
• Curiosity and imagination are foremost at this age. Children like to imitate life at home as they see and know it
• Their horizons are expanding as they experience life with their local community
• They enjoy group activities, learning rules and taking turns. Children at this age are growing more secure and confident
• Language is now developed enough to have a conversation, and they are asking lots of questions
• Children’s fingers and hands are now agile and they are developing greater hand skills
• They can sit happily absorbed in a task and get a great deal of pleasure out of mastering it
• They now have good bowel and bladder control, but sometimes need a reminder to go to the toilet.

Just for you
Take time to be with your adult friends. Listening to
‘child speak’ all day makes adult conversations
more important than they have ever been before.

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