Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eid Mubarak 2009

Selamat Hari Raya...
Maaf Zahir & Batin...

Monday, September 14, 2009

24th Ramadhan

We got guests...orang bujang2 semuanya aka bujang kat Saudi je la...So I decide to make :

- Plain Rice (of course)
- Meatball Soup
- Fried Squid
- Beef Belado
- Bawal 3 Rasa
- Mix Vege..
- Spring Rolls & Kuih Lapis (green & red)
- Drinks: Punch

The food turn marvelloeus..yummy tummy la...:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

(: Bakso :)

I made Bakso...(meatball only la..the soup, later on..)

Thanks to Eka..Credit to her, being a housewife with 3 kids can still manage to do many things by herself..

The picture..later on coz hubby took camere for site visit...Since the laptop on, so I immediately post my entry..slalu lupa la..kene disiplin nih!...:)

P/s : Meatball Soup..(meat = mama & ayah, Potato = Harraz)

:.Upin & Ipin .:

Harraz still love to watch this..

Having CD that turn on almost 24 7 ..except when hubby was around...
We had a deal..when hubby at home. tv belongs to him..hahah...anak?...main mainan...tak pun ABC ke...

Yesterday after perfom Terawih, me & hubby sat at dining table and had Milo while Harraz watching Upin & Ipin....these are the episode...

1. Tadika - where they talked bout fasting with their teacher ...loves this..
2. Ketupat - the twin make "ketupat"...macam2 size..
3. Tamak - p PARAM & bought ayam only!..byk plk tu..
4. Sayang Kak Ros - their sis made baju melayu for them,..
5....byk lor...more than 1 hour...tu belum lagi cite pasal Lailatul Qadr, Hari Raya, Basikal, Air KOlah Air Laut...

23rd Ramadhan..

Hubby off to site visit at Khafji (if I not mistaken la)..eating sahoor and rush to the office..coz it took 4 hours to get there..hope he'll have a safe journey..

Since he was out, I'm not sure what for iftar..hehe...malas sebenarnya...

So iftar food..maybe mama ngendeng Harraz fav food je kot..

Yesterday after solah Magrib I made "Almond Crispy Cornflakes" my hubby & Harraz ate almost half jar..camne? br je I decide today I/m gonna make some more...

I recently thinking to make a new blog just for "food entry"..whether it is from me or my friends recipe..but ..the desire is there, the manageble lor...heheh...wait & see..

P/s: Raya preparation?

22nd Ramadhan

Look at my blog....geee...x disiplin la...break my rules yg kunun2 nak tulis all the menu everyday ....forget bout it...

Today menu :

- Chicken soup
- Kofta Curry
- Fried Squid
- Shrimp in Chillies with Petai...
- Fruits : Melon
- Sosej Bread..
- Hot Tea...

@ night after perform Margrib prayer, I made "Almond Crispy Corflakes" friend Aishah order this cookies every year since I put in on sale for Hari Raya....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

12th Ramadhan

Menu :

- Tomyam Seafood
- Fish Chillies
- Fried Mix Vege
- Dessert : Tepung Pelita & Choc Cake...(suggest by friend @FB)

11th Ramadhan

Menu :

- Nasi Putih
- SquidCurry
- Fish Chillies
- Vege Soup
- Dessert : Pengat Keledek & Sago...Keria(neighbour bagi)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10th Ramadhan

Menu :

- Nasi Putih
- Sayur Campur
- Sup bebola Daging
- Ikan 3 rasa
- Dessert : Kuih Lapis & Qurma