Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harraz & Puasa

It’s amaze me on how a little ones can understand fasting..thanks to “upin & ipin” jugak..I think Harraz catch it from there..My sis in law bought a VCD “upin & ipin” for Harraz & brought by my hubby friend to KSA..usually we watch on U-tube. He know what is fasting simpke concept..(not eating) & we have to wait until dawn (Maghrib)..

I love to see Harraz busy, either watching tv, playing games or cars..and most of the time..following me.. I think live in an apartment with lots of divider aka dinding makes him wonder where’s mommy at all times…

@ Ramadhan I try to blow my kithen serajin yg mungkin..hehe…and my Harraz keep me busy at all times coz he will explore everything as mommy did jugak..I made curry puff, he did also..I made lamb grill..he join the club, I made choc cake, he…ate the choc first..

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