Saturday, September 12, 2009

23rd Ramadhan..

Hubby off to site visit at Khafji (if I not mistaken la)..eating sahoor and rush to the office..coz it took 4 hours to get there..hope he'll have a safe journey..

Since he was out, I'm not sure what for iftar..hehe...malas sebenarnya...

So iftar food..maybe mama ngendeng Harraz fav food je kot..

Yesterday after solah Magrib I made "Almond Crispy Cornflakes" my hubby & Harraz ate almost half jar..camne? br je I decide today I/m gonna make some more...

I recently thinking to make a new blog just for "food entry"..whether it is from me or my friends recipe..but ..the desire is there, the manageble lor...heheh...wait & see..

P/s: Raya preparation?

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