Tuesday, June 30, 2009

;-) 1st month in KSA (-;

• 24th may 2009 - We (me & Baby Harraz) went off to join my Hubby (Medya Riantama) @ KSA. Flight Qatar Air departs from KLIA 03:35am to Doha, Qatar for almost 8 hours. Then transit for 2 hours. Next flight Doha-Dammam (1 hours). We arrived at King Fahd International Airport around 9.30 am..After settle all the document, finally we reunite…hubby was just around the gate n waiting for us.I still in jeans n shirt..saw some women put on their ‘abaya’. Huby said ‘no need’ coz we are going home.
• 24th june 2009 – It’s been a month since we being away from home(Malaysia)…hahha…still keep trying to adapt everything…from food, time, attire for me especially and no job a.k.a housewife…I wish I could spend more time with my mom coz I need to learn a lot …haha…miss u mak!
That all for today…..


  1. just call mak for the secret recipe...either via ur handphone or internet call...bill's abg coverkan....heheheheheh